Buffalo Replaced

Buffalo Replaced

Mosquitoes can enjoy me, I can’t go inside
I’m suckin’ up as much of the full moon, so bright
Fireflies zoomin’ through the yard like highway cars
Someone out here burnin’ something, kids feelin’ alive

Freight train stampedin’ through my backyard
It’ll run across the plains like the new buffalo replaced


I have a hope and though she’s blind with no name
She shits where she’s supposed to, feeds herself while I’m away
Sometimes I think it would be easier without her
But I know nothing can hurt me when I see her sleepin’ face

Freight train horn howlin’ out mad and wild
Headin’ somewhere far away like the new buffalo replaced

Oooh, ahhh
Ooh, ooh

The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We

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